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Is this site Free..?

TemtemTrading.com is 100% FREE!!!
Yes, that's right, you didn't see an asterisk there. There is no hidden fee, catch, scam or pay-wall. The entire website is free to use. We take no cut, we collect no in-game items, we charge no fees. So we hope you enjoy your experience and be sure to tell your friends!

How can I avoid being scammed?

We undertand sometimes people aren't always honest. Unfortunate as it may be, there are still plenty of ways to catch a scammer before you get scammed! We may not have all the answers, but one important step before making ANY TRADE WITH ANYONE is to inspect the Temtem/Item you are about to Trade AND Receive, and make sure you are getting what you were verbally offered. Please be careful and have fun Trading!

Why won't my profile save?

This appears to be a recurring issue, as of now. Until fixed, logging out and logging back in seems to take care of the problem. Should this process not work for you, please contact support@temtemtrading.com!

Why do I need to login through Steam?

Why do I need to login?

Revised 2/11/2020 2:58am

The reason you are required to login for most of the features on TemtemTrading.com, such as trading, is to minimize the amount of fake posts and (most importantly) *scams*! We chose Steam and Discord because of their OAuth system. Simply put, we send you over to Steam or Discord's website, where their respective login portal will validate your credentials for us. We take no part in that, which not only helps keep your information safe, but also leaves less liability for us as well! It's a win-win situation.

After Steam or Discord authenticates you, they send you back to us with a nice "Success!" message - and if Steam or Discord say you're good to go, we listen! We do not store any of your credentials or personal information. We can only see what Steam and/or Discord allows - and it's very minimal. Please feel free to research more about OAuth and how it works. It's far more secure than an in-house login system.

How do I Post a Trade?

Glad you asked! It's super simple, really. All you have to do is go to Trading! and click Post Trade. There's an easy-to-use form for you to enter your Temtem stats into, and what exactly you're looking to trade for. This can be another Temtem, or Pansuns. Not sure which Temtem you want or how many Pansuns you think your Temtem is worth? Not a problem! Just select "ANY" and let other Players make an offer.

How do I see the Trade Offers I made?

You can see all the Trade Offers you made on other Tamer's Temtem up for Trade in the Offers Sent page. You can review all the Trade Offers you made, or retract them. This allows you to re-submit a new Trade Offer, or outright cancel one for good.

How do I delete a Pending Trade?

After a Trade Offer has been Confirmed, an Active Trade will become a Pending Trade. After 24 hours from the point of Confirmatoin, the Pending Trade will have the option to be Rejected - should either Tamer of the Trade choose to backout of, or no longer want to complete, the trade. This will result in no rating for either Tamer, and the Pending Trade will be removed - as will the history record of the Trade.

What are these Temtem Trading Tags?

These will be your best friend when searching for Temtem's! These are automatically calculated and applied when you enter in a Temtem. Each tag is bound to specific criteria, and will make searching a breeze once you get used to their meaning. Here's a list of what's been added so far:

  • Perfect Temtem: All 7 SV stats Maxed
  • Six SV Temtem: ONLY Six SV stats Maxed
  • Single SV Temtem: ONLY one Single SV stat Maxed
  • Competitive Ready Temtem: Max Level Temtem, between Six and Seven SV stats Maxed, and Total TV stat capacity maxed.
  • Breeject Temtem: Between 2 and 5 SV stats Maxed, with a Fertility of at least 2.

How do I delete a Trade?

If you made a mistake with a Trade you posted, simply visit the Trades page to view all your Active Trades. From here, you can delete any Trades that are currently up and active.

What is the Star next to my Profile name?

This is your Profile Rating! There are 6 phases to your Profile Rating. They are as follows:

How is my Profile Rating determined?

Your Profile Rating will likely change based on your Trading experiences. Each time you make a Trade, you will be asked to give the other Player a Rating (and vice-versa). The Rating you're given at this point will effect your Profile Rating. A positive Trade Rating will promote your overall Profile Rating, whereas a negative Trade Rating will demote it.